Monday, January 12, 2009

A Repost of my past becoming a present to my future :)

The other day I was listening to a song from "Leeland" called "Carried to the Table", about the story of Mephibosheth. The story of Jonathan's son who was cripple. It is an amazing story of restoration. The greatest part of this story is it wasn't his fault. He was dropped when he was a baby. David made a promise to his best friend that he would take care of his son. Everything that was promised to Mephibosheth was taken from him. To make a long story short... he was cripple, but held his position. Standing on broken legs. Read the story some time.

2 things stuck out.

1) Who wants to be seen with a cripple, especially a King. Sure you can care for them... get some "what a good person you are" pats on the back, get some "Look God I like cripples" prayer photo ops. David made Mephibosheth his son. Can you imagine the extra care that would take? Plus... he's a King for Gods sake, he could have just sent carts of treasure... or even a message and have M brought to him... but he went himself. As he dipped into the dirt to embrace him, his pretty robe that confirmed his position got dirty. It's great to lend a hand to someone when they fall. Help them up, pat them and ask if they are ok. But what if the injury has affected there ability to continue? Who will go the distance to fulfill the "If there is anything you need... just let me know" What if their voice was silenced by the strain of mistakes and does not contain the ability to ask?

2) Mephibosheth stood taller cripple than Ziba did with legs. Ziba stole everything that was supposed to be M's with a lie. What did M do? He said "let him have it. As long as I know my new father David is safe... thats all I need" M learned priorities. He had a true treasure in David. What we fail to understand? Everyone knew M's handicap. Everyone knew what he couldnt do and used it against him and he was impaired. M didn't care. He stood with broken legs. You learn real quick to get used to the taste of dust when everyone walks on you. I have learned alot from Mephibosheth.

Good intentions has never accomplished or built anything. David could have walked after Jonathan was dead, but he kept his word. Can you imagine the first time M was picked up by David and slid to the table? No longer words of encouragement, but actions of covenant relationship. Alot of people did not know how to react after my fall. I reached out and some responded. Others? Hey man, I'm here for ya... and yet I hear nothing. Why? Who wants to be seen with a cripple? Others have carried me to the table. You know who you are, and I cant thank you enough for not caring wether you were seen associated with me or not. Not caring about getting your hard earned position a little dirty. I have learned priorities. The "I saw it comings" or "wow he wasn't the man I thought he was" ... you can have any treasure that is left behind in the wake of my mistakes. As long as my family is ok?...thats all I need.

I have learned to stand... on broken legs.

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