Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to eat an elephant

I heard a rather interesting euphemism today. "Sometimes things in your life are like an elephant on your plate. You can't eat it but one bite at a time" 

I get so frustrated at myself at times because I look at where we are, I look at where we've been, but I also look at where we want to go. I can remember one time I was getting so frustrated driving one day. First, my car was going way to slow, my engine was whining and everyone around me was getting frustrated. I said "Great, stinken car. What now??" Then I looked down and saw my "automatic" car was in 2nd gear. 
Sometimes it's easy to get so frustrated at how slow your life is going. You look at where you want to go, but the "vehicle" that your in (job, church, environment) has you way slowed down. You naturally blame it instead of the one behind the wheel. What if you are at one of the following places?

a) Your in a place where God has slowed you down to make you aware of some things in your life that need adjusted. Believe it or not, you can change your surroundings to try and change you... but it will be the same you, just different surroundings.

b) Your "2nd gear" syndrome is caused by you not following the automatic system of God's plan, and you did some "shifting" without realizing, you just put the direction and momentum in your own hands.

c) You are so focused on your destination you put too much responsibility on yourself for success. The greatest thing about a car? You don't have to turn the belts, or work the engine, or spin the tires. All you have to do is turn the key... but to ignite the contents you need the contents that drives your engine... you need fuel. Your only responsibility is to keep yourself filled... with belief (faith)

Start your day... don't run it. God said he would work it out if you trust Him. Who cares where you are right now, your on your way. If you feel frustrated at the rate of speed your life is going? Pull over, and put it in automatic and drive. He gave you the map, the vehicle and the direction, all you need to do is pull over every now and then and refuel. Fill up and stop the "shifting".

Just like an elephant on your plate. You can't eat it but one bite at a time. 

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Logan Barrett said...

This really helped me man! I appreciate it!