Sunday, October 5, 2008

P.O.O. (Power Of Opinion)

I am perplexed at this present time. Perplexed... big word huh? It means "Completely Baffled". Imagine your walking down the hall of your home and you get hit in the back of the head with a frying pan... you turn around and your grandma is holding the pan. That look on your face? That's perplexed. I guess the reason I am perplexed is the state of our nation. It is a ping pong match of issues and responsibilities. If your like me you hear... "oil companies" or "CEO Bankruptcies" or any other issue and not really know who, what or how that affects my vote or views. First of all... I am not interested in you commenting me for a debate. You wanna vote for Obama... go you! You want to vote for McCain... same thing... Just know who to vote for. Don't let anyone or anything sway you from what you know is right, and the only one who will know that is you. Now, if you would like to comment on your opinion... that is what this is for. You may be able to enlighten someone who may not be aware of what the issues are. Just do me a favor... don't be boring. Be plain and simple to understand, if not... my A.D.D. and everyone else will kick in and you wont get read.

Now knowing how to go about sustaining a God Minded opinion? Thats for another blog :)

*side note* Now... don't turn me off. I know when I hear someone beginning to address this topic I roll my eyes and say "oh great" because it can get difficult to understand rather quickly. This is not an opportunity for me to share with you my P.O.O. (Power Of Opinion... I will share that with you in time) If we would understand that our opinion may not be the right one, but it's ours. It's your responsibility to verify your opinion because your opinion may very well set the pattern for someone else. Be careful, mindful and not stupid.

Do you know who your going to vote for? You need to. Alot of us would rather sit around and get our paychecks and whine about how much money is taken out in taxes. Or, some of us would rather watch the news when necessary to gain an opinion or sustain somewhat of a political conversation :) The only problem? The media will tell you what they want you to hear and believe. Time and time again the media has been used to sway voters. The term is Propaganda. You watch a video on John McCain by Obama and think... wow McCain is a jerk. You watch a video on Obama by McCain...same thing.

So, how do you determine who your going to vote for without just going for the party you were raised to vote for? Here is a few things that can help.

1) - This is a quiz you can take. It gives you an opportunity to elect views that are important to you and when it's over gives you the candidate that agrees with your views.

2) Candidates - It shows you all the candidates... believe it or not, there are more than 2.

3) - Gives you another more extensive quiz.

4) - It gives a search engine to see how to register to vote and where to vote in your area.

Just a few things for you to scroll through to know what you know and why you believe it!! We can't just sit back and hope the best one wins. Vote, but know why and who. My opinion? Your right, it's my opinion. If you want to know who I am voting for... leave a comment :)

*Prediction? - I would not be shocked if Joe Biden suddenly has "medical issues" and the Democratic Party slips Hillary Clinton on the ballot. I would not be shocked at all!! Why? seems like it was planned from the beginning.

**UPDATE - Wow, not even an hour and through research look what I just found regarding the above prediction hmmmmm -->  :o)

**UPDATE - 10/6./08

National Debt Clock had to add an number. It got to be so big, they ran out of slots on the counter - *shocking*


Josh said...

I wouldn't pay any attention to the email listed in that blog post. In fact, I can't believe that someone working for a newspaper as well-respected as the L.A. Times would even talk about it. Lots of emails go around about all kinds of things. . .especially during election season. But that doesn't give them any veracity. I'll believe the rumor when a well-respected newspaper reports the story in the actual news, outside of a blog. Say Biden did decide to step down, which there is no real reason to believe will happen, Clinton is the last person Obama would pick as veep. 1. She is too polarizing - her negatives are always very high in polls and picking her would immediately turn many undecided voters to McCain. 2. Obama could never live down the idea that they had a co-presidency, or that he wasn't really the one in charge. Not good for a president. Just look at all the flack Bush has received over Cheney. These are the same reasons she was never really on the vice president short list to begin with. . .

L.I.V.E. said...

Regardless, I still would not be shocked. LA TImes? Not a respectable newspaper. The LA Times? LOL. Even if it is a rumor... they are going to scramble to find an equal running mate, Palin (regardless of the lack of experience or hockey momish demeanor) has hands down connected to the average American. Veraciously? There is not a newspaper on the planet that speaks only the truth. I was referencing the fact that a rumor has gotten everywhere. A lot of emails go around... but not all end up in the LA TImes. When you see a bill, wings, webbed feet and you hear a quack... you say "hmm a duck" Biden suddenly feeling ill, or Democrats sweating beads or finding issues where they can be the bully with a magnifying glass to the ants they refer to as Rebulicans?... "quack" To every debate, to every opinion, to every red faced democrat who stomps their feet saying "Palin scares me, John McCain is old!!", to every hilarious attempt at throwing a box of alphebits at the tv camera making it sound like big words that do not answer questions?? I say what I have said and will continue to say...


phipps said...

wow, I kinda vomited verbally there. Sorry your the recipient. Just hilarious to me the nit picking I have grown to not tolerate and you won!! :)

Josh said...

No worries. I like hearing as many points of view as possible. I'm not sure I followed all of your points, but it's cool. I tend to vomit words as well. Sometimes it's hard to stop once you get on a roll. . .