Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Birthday Wish is STILL ALIVE!!!

I refuse to let this go... I am believing for a miracle!!! :)

Ok, so they say you have not because you ask not.... so here it is. My birthday is coming up October 26th, so whoever is reading this... you know you want to get me this!!

(you can click the picture to get ordering info)

Yeah I know... it's awesome. My old mac has been so good to me and I am going to start some graphic and web design for the hospital, and start on a new book so this present computer wont hold up. It is a season of new beginnings so I am convinced it is on it's way!! Yeah I know, it's perfect !!!

Well, my address is:
8510 S. 28th St. #8
Fort Smith, AR. 72903

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this :) It is the perfect gift and I am so blown away :)

...ok I know that is so presumptuous but I have learned you can't ever out ask God. It is a HUGE gift... but my life at this point has been rescued by God, and if the Word says I have not because I ask not? Well, I am going to do my part and leave the rest to the big guy... God I mean. (need to sound respectful when you are asking for the impossible)

Phipps note :) Again I know I am insane in thinking all this, but I have opted out of thinking rationally. God has done even bigger... and this would benefit my job. So I refuse to do anything else but believe the impossible.


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Phippsblog said...

So this is your wife...I guess this dream trumps the dream of sitting in Dallas stadium on your birthday?