Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Off to Market


I am finding myself in a whole new world. I have been asked to pursue a new role at the Hospital. They have expressed an interest in my playing apart in Marketing. Ironically enough I have an absolute interest. It gives me the opportunity to utilize my creativity while enhancing my training in it as well. I read a book not too long ago about the value of marketing in business and didn't really think twice about it but it did spark an interest. I know my wife and I will Pastor a church soon, so this will give me the ability to learn. I found an INCREDIBLE webpage regarding church marketing., there is so much that I wish I would have known before now like Branding, Demographics and Research, Creative Design, Logo Establishment. I am excited to start learning and applying. The greatest thing is the Hospital is equally excited. I will blog the progress of my learning. For now, check out church marketing sucks... it's great. They are totally a Christ centered ministry, but have a huge grasp on reality.

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