Friday, February 12, 2010

Question of Power and the Power of Question

So I got to watching some youtube. It was interesting because I started running across some "False Prophets" videos and one of them was Benny Hinn. You know it was kind of sad yet interesting. It's really is sad, I have always had a hunger and connection to that sort of thing... well let me explain.

When I had just gotten out of Masters my second year (i went home to hang with my fam during my folks divorce) I took a few courses at RCC (Riverside Community College) Midi and Music Theory. I would get out of school and go home to the everyday ritual. Frozen Hamburger patties on the grill and some Mr. Rogers :) after my fix of 70's and 80's childrens programs I would watch Benny Hinn. Strange I know but it was on purpose. I would literally sit and weep at what God was doing in these people. Look, I was in my early 20's and Benny was something my Grandma would watch. I dont know why but i was locked.

Well... then it happened. Dateline did a special, people began to call it a Circus, he would start the whole waving his jacket, blowing on people... they accused him of money garbage and it turned so many people off. But folks... I would literally sit and FEEL God watching this show. Hated his hair, hated his accent, and really didnt care for Steve Brock that much either... but I would just sit and bathe in what I felt was God.

This is my question... what have we done? I was raised in the fact that the Spirit of God was real.I even have a story where I not only felt it... but was used in it... but it's long so I put it below this post for those interested. How long has it been since we have even heard of the big stuff? You know signs, miracles... I mean beyond the baby thing at the Bradys church (video of miracle) and even that is in speculation (video of speculation) It seems every miracle now a day is under speculation. God is real... but so is the criticism. It is sad.

I want my son... this generation to experience and believe. My response used to be "It may be a circus, but look at the lives changed" or "Lives are changing and if he is off? He has to answer for it". When you watch Dateline and the videos on youtube... it sucks. It just deepens the wound on Gods Power... See? Even those 2 words together now a day is even skeptical. I feel like everyone else ... but I am tired of Religious Attitude. I have to be careful here because of what I walked through religion scraped me off... anyways!!! (still healing folks, give a brother a break)... I want to love people and let God use me... so here is my question.

1)Where do you fall regarding "Gods Power" or where miracles went?

2)Have you ever experienced it before or witnessed it before and when you tell it, how is it received?

I am not into starting a battle of semantics and theology ... but I am curious to see what is thought by others... Can we see it again or like we have never seen it before? Yes He will pour out his spirit... but i have seen and experienced it poured... but where are we now? As the church and his mirrors... where did it go?

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franwatley said...

John 14:12!!!!! I believe He meant what he said!