Friday, February 12, 2010

A lesson in Healing and the Gift of Humility

When I was a kid an elderly couple by the name of Charles and Francis Hunter came through our church. I was sitting in the back row that service (my dad was the pastor... it was mandatory for a pk to do so in our rebellious fashion) I had a football injury in Junior High playing Tight End. It knocked my hip out of joint and I had to have surgery... 4 pins. I had them removed a year later. It caused one of my legs to grow shorter than the other. That morning Francis Hunter said "there is a young man here whose leg is shorter than the other". Well in a church of 250 people not many options... but i knew it was me. I got up limped down and sat in a chair. She said "are you ready to see Gods Power?" I said "sure?" She lifted my leg and just held it in her hands and said "ok Father... heal this boy" I literally felt my entire leg go warm... as I watched it grow an inch right in front of me... well thats not the story.

They then gave me a book called "the gift of healing". I read that book as if it was a choose your own adventure book. I couldnt stop. I was done and begged God every day. I want this. I want to heal sick and broken people. I mean I BEGGED God. Every night for months. Hehe um... this is where it gets interesting.

One night a friend of my dads came by to preach that night. At the end he said this... and I quote "some of you have been asking God for different things... but there is one of you who has been BEGGING God... tonight, you got his attention"... I FREAKED!!! I sat patiently... one person after another... crying, getting theirs. Then... he got up and said "Lets pray to thank God for tonight" Where was mine? What the heck? I was ticked. In my mind I simply said "God you have let me down" Get this... he stops praying... looks at me and says "Dont give up on Him yet... come up here"... then it happened.

He asked me to pray for his back... he had surgery on it and needed a miracle. As I began to pray... it hit me. Like I was standing in lightning. From my fingertips to the tip of my nose to my toes. I know this sounds absolutely stupid... but you know when Frodo takes his ring off? and everything is in another dimension? That was it. (that is literally the best illustration I can give) I would begin to feel hurt in different parts of my body and a light would shine over every person that was there that would match the pain I was feeling. It went from my sister in law and her knee to some strange lady and a heart condition. One after another... and slowly that tingle was leaving my body. Finally... it was gone... and I was exhausted.

The next week... I couldnt wait to hear everybodys testimony. Well it happened. My dad asked if anybody had anything happen to them. One after another they got up... thanking God ... BUT NEVER SAID ONE THING ABOUT ME!!! Hey come on... I was 17. I was so angry. I wanted the credit. I wanted at least a thank you... and that is why I had to learn the hard way. I have yet to experience that again. Not that I think God is punishing me by any means... but in my young heart... that very thing taught me humility... and the Power of God. It was a very real moment for me. But... when you beg God? He listens... but he will teach through it wether your ready for it... or not.

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