Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank God it's here!!

Finally!! It's been too long since I have posted... Plus Twitter and mini blogging it's an on the go life. But now I have an app I can finally blog with!! Well we are great. Here in GA, it seems like we are in the vein of Gods will for our lives. We have Brody for a few weeks... Which is INCREDIBLE! luv him! Things are good. We are happy, healthy, and home. Besides finding some great apps lately, please everyone... Go to my wife's facebook and ask her why she poisened her husband;) well... It's good to be back in blog land and love it! We got Micheal Pitts coming tomorrow night and we are excited. Church Sunday was amazing. Here it is...

Bishop called us up at the end and said some stuff straight from God. Then today was my girls bday. Bishop took us to lunch. April told Brody we were going to eat Japanese food so every oriental thing he saw including ppl he pointed and yelled "Chinese!!"

What a mess. Well, love u all and am
Back to blogging...

Don't forget to breathe ;)

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