Monday, November 3, 2008

Six pack anyone??


Well, apart from the worst tattoo I have ever seen (actually it's quite creative when you think about it)... anyhow, it has been a chunk of forever since I have posted. Things have been rather crazy but good. Working alot as well as April. But? The reason I have been so busy is we have been at the gym every day for about a month (thus the six pack pic...figure i should explain the large redneck above) I dont think I have ever in my life had this much of a focus on the aspect of my health. My wife walks/bikes 30 mins a day, I am lifting now more than I have ever lifted in my life. The crazy thing is. I have done this before...

You ever get to the place in a workout where you hit it for a good day or two. I mean the weights, the treadmill... maybe even a nice set of situps? Then the next day your a little sore? Than day 2!! You know what I mean. The kind of sore where you cant even hold a pencil? Yep, that one. I was there about a month ago. i have learned how to focus your strain on your muscles to double your impact...well sounds good, tell you are so sore you cant lower your arms past your pockets!! Well I was there. I never wanted to look at another gym again. It was embarrassing. My son would walk by and tap me and I would scream like I was a victim in a head on collision!! I had been at this place before a couple times a few years ago. I couldn't take it. I stopped to heal, and felt good that I had attempted... but I just couldn't take the pain.

I had to push past it. Yeah I rested. But I kept going. Now? It is incredible. I can actually feel myself getting stronger and seeing the difference. Folks... I couldnt do 3 pushups in a row (at least not without doing them on my knees), now I am hitting 4 sets a night. Why am I saying all this?

Think about it, I have heard time and time again "... if you want to go where you have never gone, do what you have never done" What I am pushing myself to do physically is making its way into every area of my life. The discipline I have to have in order to not only push past the pain, but make myself actually go? Now? If I dont go to the gym, it feels odd. I am adding those same disciplines to my life.

No, not reading the word, or praying or sharing Jesus. Try checking on my wife, laying with my son, cleaning so she can rest, throwing the football with my future all star?? It's those things I am seeing the muscle in getting stronger. We always talk about making our family stronger... but you have to push passed the pain. They aren't used to that much attention... neither are you so things will seem strained and sore... push passed it. Before you know it? When your brushing your teeth you'll see muscles start surfacing you never knew where there :)

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Katrina said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I felt the same way for a while about my running. I would be in severe pain, but I got to the point of I'm never going to get any better or excell if I don't keep going. I broke the two mile mark the other day before having to slow down. For me? That's a miracle. Keep up the good work - so proud of and for you!