Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to make a bad day better? Watch someone elses :)

Talk about a serious post?? I love it because so many of you are so great and thought April and I were experiencing the drama :) We are doing incredible. It is great though. I love the awkward "Um, I dont know what the drama is but I love you"... Love you all. It was more or less for myself. There comes a time you have to let some things go, and ... it was time. ANYWAYS!!!

Here is this weeks "Could it get any worse??"

Here is a video (not in english) of a Dutch reporter. He is interviewing a man who had surgery done to his ... ummm... man parts but something went wrong. His interview was meant to be a serious look into the problem, of "Surgeries gone wrong" but something goes wrong... WATCH THE CROWD!! No one thinks it is funny at all... but he can't help it... hilarious- hope you enjoy :)



crystal said...

hahahahahahahaha! that was quite hilarious :) miss you!

Anonymous said...

you need to live your words. if it is over then let it be over. don't travel down that road again. Close that door forever!!!