Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a day...

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Today on the show I really didn't know what to do. I mean we focused on abstinence and the importance of purity in teens. Its been interesting. Alot of interviews, great sound bytes... but it has been a challenge. 

I guess the best way to explain is where I am and what I have been through. I have learned that you can not allow yourself to be silenced by your past. It will decapitate your ability to stand. Hypocrisy is defined as "an actor on the stage"... do the study...thats what it says. Your mind will throw some serious blows. I am a student of my mistakes. The greatest mistake is when you don't learn from it. I had to force myself and massage the muscles of my faith to breathe again. Being able to address an issue regarding standards has been a challenge. But, I feel not only clean but intact. I moved beyond that and today I experienced the fruit of my efforts. 

All week I have addressed this issue of abstinence, but also the gap of communication between parents and teens, today I opened the lines for Parents to call. My show is focused on helping a parent understand there teen and building a line of communication through understanding. Today a mom called in and said "I really need help" She told me her son took a vow of purity but has walked away from it. He and his girlfriend don't consider it wrong because they "leave there clothes on" (enough said). Over the next 25 minutes I spent time LIVE on the air giving her resources to talk to her son. And then I said "I don't know why... but I feel like you don't have a voice because you made mistakes as well, and you are ashamed of yourself" ... and that's when it happened. She broke. She wept on the air and the waves of her shame slowly started to calm. I told her "You have a better understanding and view because the road your son is about to take... you walked down" I told her "I am not going to talk about your son one more second... I am gonna pray for you to forgive yourself... can I tell you something?" ... "yes" she said. "Your a good mom, your an incredible person because you didn't quit... God loves you and I am so proud of you" That's when I had to play a song and go off the air to pray because she just broke and couldn't talk. All she needed to hear was she wasn't garbage and she was a good person...regardless of her past. She can now tell her son what she went through without shame, but confidence in where she has been. I told her before she hung up "What you did is not who you are, you are a wife and a mom that has built a strong family" 

Imagine if I would allow the guilt and shame game keep running plays in my head and heart? God gave me an opportunity to do once again what I love and was born to do. Fix broken people. You can read about Gods forgiveness all you want... I needed Greg forgiveness. Now? My show has a heart. Parents are calling me asking me how to fix their kids. I am now getting to fix the parents first. 

Listen. Mistakes are gonna take place. Learn from them. I have learned, the people who criticize you, really haven't learned from their mistakes... those of us who have walked the line, taken the stage and received our diploma from "Mistakes Made University"? We will walk with you... not against you. We know what it took, and what it takes to survive and will help you study for your exam... because the reward? Priceless.

"No matter how thick the clouds get, or how hard the rain falls... the sun hasn't gone anywhere"


Bert said...

Man. I don't if there is really anything I can say to explain how much insight and truth there is to what you just said. I hope that you move ahead strong and confident in the fact that the same Grace that Jesus gave everyone else He gave to you so that you too could spread His Grace. You're an amazing person and you apparently don't get much time to rest. I guess this is you declaration to arms. God bless and I'll pray for you and your cause.

Chris Mason said...

Hey Greg,
Once again you show yourself true to your own heart, God's heart! I understand how difficult it is to forgive ones self, sure have walked down that road before! I am proud of you brother, big steps, new levels and all for God's glory! You are so precious in the sight of our Father and I hear Him say to you 'Well done'!

I would love to visit with you in yahoo messenger sometime, I some wonderful news to share with you! I always get so excited to my core when God moves in the lives of others!

Thank you for your profound depth and wisdom, you always bring things back full circle in my own thinking and understanding!

You and your family are still and always in my prayers my friend, I love you all so very much and think of you often!

Chris Mason
Lubbock TX
Yahoo ID: LynnaeC (look me up sometime, I would be so blessed)