Friday, September 19, 2008

This week

I am tired :) It's been a busy week and tiring week. There has been alot go on this week. For starters? I found out Ray Boltz is gay?? What is up with that? I am the last person to judge anyone... I guess it's well for one, very gross, and 2 very shocking!! It's everywhere. Trust me I know that feeling... but still I can remember songs when I was younger. Classics man... like "I will praise the Lord" and "Thank you" or "I nailed him there"... wait, that song isn't good for me to reference during this story...ew.

But it's been busy and strange. Ever have one of those weeks were you feel like your watching your life? Like an outer body experience? Yeah one of those. I haven't blogged in a few days. I wanted to thank everyones messages about the blog. It is an incredible way to process life. It's funny, I have people ask me if I read there blogs or get umpteen blog invites on myspace... I just enjoy allowing my heart to spill and my brain. There are times I really miss ministry...alot. This Blog gives me an opportunity to keep those things alive in me... God is in control. It is tough and maybe even unbearable at times but... I really do trust God and hope for the best. 

This week did start good... did I mention... THE COWBOYS BEAT THE EAGLES??


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