Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God Wink

I am sitting here at the station during my show... trying to learn to multi task :) Just so you know, I would normally go on myspace and post bulletins about my blog. I am not gonna do that anymore. Not for any reason, just at the point If you want to read then you will... believe it or not, this blog is as much for me and myspace is kind of a hassle. I apologize for the other video on the right. I am doing some marketing for the station and need to use my account for now.

I heard a story today and I have to share it.

I am reading a book from a friend of mine from a previous blog... Bill. I met him at the hopspital and he read my mail... Anyways- I read a story today regarding God winks. Those moments you know when your at your grandpas and you look at him and at the same time he looks at you and winks as if to say "I'm looking at you too... love you" assuring he knows you are there?

Cheryl was driving through Southern California and was passing by the Crystal Cathedral and had promised herself for years she would visit. The next day a friend asked her to go. She thought to herself... "I might as well." As she sat there in service on Sunday she looked at the emaculate sanctuary, watched as they opened the ceiling during worship as if to even let the birds experience what she was experiencing and just felt like she made the right choice. As she was gathering her things to go after service she noticed a young woman doing the same. She said "Beautiful service..." The young woman agreed and through conversation began to tell her that she wasn't from Califronia. She told her "I actually moved here because through a long search I found out my birth mother was located somewhere close to here and I am trying to find her." Cheryl said "I had to make the horrible decision to let my daughter go when I was a teenager. I have been asking God for wisdom on how to find her". The young woman paused and said "when is her birthday?" Cheryl said "December 9th" The young woman began to cry and said "that's my birthday" and through the next hour they both realized what God had done.

God Wink. Even those moments you wonder..."Why am I here, and does He even know what's going on in my life?" God Wink moments. Trust me. He knows.

Thanks Bill.

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