Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teenage Equation

Tonight on my show I focused the entire show on young people. The topic was "The Teenage Equation". For some reason I have always been a young soul. There is something about young people that I have a heart for. Now more than ever it seems like the majority of influence in media is driven towards teens. Not only that... kids are waaay above there age level. Shoot, CJ is 10 but has the intelligence of a 13 year old. I told them "if you are at a place where you feel distant from your kids and feel like your teens are a foreigner in your family...listen to this show". It's funny cuz I had a Pastor even call and say that if churches would take time and realize we are not doing anything or building anything to make kids want to even come to church, or utilize the word to their advantage. I understand that. I understand principle. But... what about what's going on in the mind of the young person. I guess the best way to describe what I am saying is, how do you get the voice that is going on in their head... out of their mouth? There is a way. I want parents to not just demand respect or attention, but give respect and attention. 


Pray for me as I am hitting into a culture where kids are expected to just go to church and deal with it. The passion aspect. How to shift the "have to's" into "want to's". The statement out here? "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink" Me? I am just trying to get the kids to trust you enough to even tell you their thirsty.

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