Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back up

It is supposed to rain here for three days, flash flood warnings, crazy weather. Ironically enough... right in the middle of my show, the power goes out at the station. I mean I had a great show today. I talked about the media and news stations and how everything is negative. Even though New Orleans made it without as much damage as expected, the news portrayed it as negative. Anyways. As the power went out there was a back up battery system to save data. Something hit me. Un expected things happen that we don't expect. What do we have as a back up? Friends, family. I encourage you to build your backup. Invest in those things. Believe it or not, you need back up. People that can back you up when you need it. I have brothers. My brother Billy who is always there for me, Mark and Matt who would go to the ends of of the earth for me. I am so grateful for the backup in my life. My wife April is the ultimate back up. Don't take the backup for granted. I pray for you, that you make it in life... but you need people who love you unconditionally. 


I can't help but think about Fred and Barney. No matter how much of a jerk Fred is to Barney... he is always there for him. There is something to be said there. backup. Fred is a nice guy at times... but when he needs a friend he knows who to turn to. I am at a time in my life where I need it now more than ever. Pray for me. I am at a crossroad to know what to do with my career. The radio station or the hospital. Backup... it is a priority. Understand, backup needs maintained. Charged... ready for a crisis. Call your friends. Stay connected, because they need you too.

"I fond myself lost at times, but what happens the when I can't find myself at all?"

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april phipps said...

awwwww...I knew that recording the Flintstones would come in handy!! haha Who doesn't love Fred and Barney? I love your blog entries!! Especially this last one. I tell you that you really see who your friends are in the rough times. I have a lot of great ones!!!