Sunday, September 7, 2008

So... opinions?

You know, I'm not gonna get defensive. I'm not gonna react I am gonna respond. I feel that is my problem sometimes. I am not going to do what every other Christian does and say "we". I am gonna say me. Watching the VMA's I am not shocked at all. The way the Jonas brothers are criticized for their standards. First of all,  I have no place to debate standards. It would be easy to wave standards, easy to raise standards... a mission to live by them. I am not shocked that the Emcee that ran the VMA's stood shocked and completely out of place. Shouting suggestions for us to vote and who to vote for. I am not shocked that a multitude of individuals stood in shock as the Republican candidate for VP pulled the pants down of the entire democratic party. I am not shocked. Why? You can't look to anything...anyone... or any situation to stand for you.


As a church...(clear my throat) a christian...a person... my observation is the majority of us have called shotgun to way too many band wagons. It's easy to get caught in a large enough fight that you start swinging, hurting and hitting just simply to defend yourself. You have to know who you are. Those of you that know me and the road I have walked... has been mine. Regardless of how I got here, how far I am and where it leads... I am on this road. Shame, guilt and remorse can blind, cripple and mislead me. You will not read a thing on this blog that begs for understanding or pity. Why? None of those things will speed up or hurry along His progress for my life. Along this road, along this path is showing me the me that got lost. How? Being lost... I have found me and am continuing to find me. With this discovery I have heard my voice. Not a voice that echo's what I am pretty sure exists. I know and am continuing to know... me. I have tried to find myself in so many things. You have to find your mirror. I know the bible says that "it" is the mirror... but don't you have to be looking into a mirror to actually see it's reflection?

So? Why this blog. Don't look, listen or rely on anything else or anyone for your opinion. Your opinion is a mixture of your conviction and your authority. Conviction? What you are convinced of. If your not convinced... you can be convinced otherwise... trust me on this one. I taught it... and then learned it. Your authority? What you 'author' in your life... and that is where your relationship with God comes in. He authors in your life through your journey... and what you create? No one can argue how it was created or it's ingredients... it's yours. 

Don't get pissed that the Jonas brothers are getting jabbed because of there convictions. Don't preach how the world doesn't appreciate standards. Unless there your standards... put that flag away. They are the ones that not only get the backlash... but the reward. Don't get caught up in enjoying the echo's of standards... soon enough, those hearing you will look for the source in you and you won't have the resource to collect on.

Don't get upset that people are upset that everyone in Hollywood is screaming "vote Obama!" Why not vote for Obama? You better know why? Sure George Bush is looked at as the 4th stooge in politics. But do you know what he really did for our nation? you have to know why and who to vote for.

You are the only you that really knows the true you. Build you, understand you and care about you. Know your voice, know your reasons and know your standards. Then? You might be able to start the humble beginnings of an opinion.


Anonymous said...

...... Blink .....

Wow. That is the greatest thing I have read all week, and I am impressed by your convictions.


Josh said...

Ok. Just a couple of things. First of all, I agree that you shouldn't require other people's affirmation for your opinions. . .if you have good reason for them. But sometimes opinions SHOULD change. For example, if my opinions are uninformed, then I may need to change them if I find more information that is contrary to my previous opinion. For that matter, even if my opinion about something is informed, new information may require me to change my opinion.

Also, I'm a little curious about some of your references. I'm not sure I follow all of them. What did Gov. Palin do to pull down the pants of the Democratic party? Just curious, b/c I've been following the race pretty closely and didn't catch it.

Lastly, that's cool that the Jonas Brothers wear promise rings, but I still reserve the right to criticize them because their music sucks.


Phippsblog said...

opinion |əˈpinyən|
a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge

Opinions do change because facts become more clear. My opinions now were not my opinions last year. My point? Know what you believe before it becomes an opinion. Why? Your opinion suggests fact to those who trust you.

And Sarah Palin bitch slapped the entire Democratic Party in one speech that revealed alot of mist in the midst of campaign, you can tell by their response. Again, just an opinion :)

and... have never heard a Jonas Brothers song... guess my suck meter is broken.