Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The unseen xx


" is the evidence of things unseen" that's the part I don't like. When you think of faith it's difficult to remember the unseen. The unseen is the hardest part. Think about it...

evidence |ˈevədəns|
the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid

Available facts? Hardly available. Information to validate a belief? That's just it. You have to believe wether you see it or not. Faith...that's the evidence. Your faith is the indicator. You believing says it all. Closing your eyes is the only way to make it. I have learned that I am too effected by what I see. 

What I see? Hard times, empty pockets, distance from destiny.

What I know? God is faithful. So, basically. You don't like what you see? Because what you see is not what you's just what you got. 

My advice? If what you see is gripping your trust by the throat and choking your ability to believe... close your eyes :)


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Billy said...

I used to think I hated those days... The ones where you had to walk when you don't see. But recently, those days have become a source of excitement and energy.

Head light theory. When God shines a light, it's like headlights. Go as far as they take you!

Brett said...

Very true... Thank you for a good word.