Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No room to complain...

I know I posted earlier tonight about my radio thing, but sitting at the station tonight I was waiting to start a live feed. While I sat there waiting for Focus on the Family to finish... tonight's show was with Steven Curtis Chapman. He was sharing with James Dobson about the loss of his daughter Maria. Listening to the scars in his voice was indescribable. What they have gone through, what they have had to live without. He mentioned a conversation he had with his wife this morning. She said with tears streaming down her face..."you know Steve... I know she is in Heaven... I know I have told so many people that we know she is in a better place... I know what I said... but I just want my baby girl back". There son didn't see her playing in the driveway and backed over her with the car. They have lost there baby. I can not begin to imagine or describe what we would be like or life without our baby boy. You know we have been through a lot. Some self inflicted due to weakness and ignorance, but through the Grace of God and awareness of my treasure now... tonight I am in a place of peace. I have my family. There is nothing more valuable. I posted a video of Steven Curtis Chapman and Maria that they aired on there appearance Larry King Live. They tell him the story of how it all happened. Again... please, don't take the everyday for granted. 

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