Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have started at the station. It is going to be interesting. They are at a place where they need someone to give it a shot in the arm financially an energy wise... so, part time pay with a full time commitment is what they are wanting. They have given me keys to the station, a Nextel phone and I start in production tomorrow night. They are great people and truly have a heart for ministry. I have also been approached by the Hospital here in town regarding a co-chaplaincy position. I have an interview with a board of 7 doctors on Thursday. I would LOVE to pour myself into the station and use creativity to make a difference, stay connected to ministry. But we need supported. I am just praying God show me what to do. It is a tough place to be in. I m sure we all have experienced that. Want and need. I know God gives you the desire of your heart... but understand. The desire of my heart? To take care and protect my family. I have to allow ministry to become an outcome not a destination. On a side note...I had an amazing thing happen yesterday. I received a phone call from a Pastor of a church we use to minister at every year. He told me he wanted to sow into what April and I were going to become and he is supporting us monthly. I have had folks support what I was doing... never sow into what I was to become. It was a very moving conversation. Support is amazing but when it is tangible? Shakes your insides. Pray for me, just want to be what I need to be. Regardless, I have been given my own show that starts Sept. 1st. It will be a mixture of everything. Music, interviews, local bands... the works. They are wanting me to pull in a local view. I need a name for the show!! It is going to be a variety show... but eck, I dont want to call it a variety show... any suggestions?? They are starting me at an hour a day, but want to push it to two if it takes off. I am taking suggestions. Well, I am off to have a day with my family. Be blessed.

"Tomorrow is going to be another today, unless you take today to change your tomorrow"

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That is awesome man.