Friday, August 15, 2008

Had to post this...

Being here in Arkansas has been a big move. A lot of boxes and a lot of changes. Our family has been faced with one of it's greatest challenges to date. But, the greatest aspect of it all has been family. We have been surrounded by family in the same breath. Upon arriving here in Arkansas we were welcomed with Marty and Becky and a crew of guys to unload. At 6am in the morning. In the pouring rain. For 3 that I think about it we still owe those boys dinner. Ironically enough a crew of the boys who helped that are in Masters and the youth ministry, live next door :) I say all this because family is what really is important. Even as I type this I am hearing my son in the next room laughing like I haven't heard him laugh in a long time. He is with his cousin who is spending the night making videos for stay tuned for some videos :) I have included a video below of the boys. I have a thought under the video for today...

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I took some things to storage today... for the umpteenth time. It's great because our nice chair is in there so I can go just chill for awhile as well. As I was sitting there...sulking in the moment wondering what is next for my life...still unaware if what that is, but just sitting and thinking. I looked right across from where I was sitting and there was an RV. On the back of the RV was the words "Idle Time" For some reason that hit me. So, if you know know I had to look into the word Idle. I was familiar with the word in the terms of an engine...but I had to dig deeper.

idle |ˈīdl|
adjective ( idler , idlest )
1 (esp. of a machine or factory) not active or in use : assembly lines standing idle for lack of spare parts.
• (of a person) not working; unemployed.
• (of a person) avoiding work; lazy.
• [ attrib. ] (of time) characterized by inaction or absence of significant activity : at no time in the day must there be an idle moment.
• (of money) held in cash or in accounts paying no interest.
2 without purpose or effect; pointless : he did not want to waste valuable time in idle chatter.
• (esp. of a threat or boast) without foundation : I knew Ellen did not make idle threats.

Like a slap in the face, I read the third or fourth line that said "without purpose or effect" Um, no. I refuse to allow where I am to become Idle Time. Now more than ever it is time to drive. if you ever feel like your standing still in a world that keeps spinning? Don't allow it to be Idle Time. Time with no purpose. Lazy time. Lacking spare parts. Take every day for what it hands you, and hand it back full. Trust me, I am talking to myself as well.

"Just because things are spinning, doesn't mean your going anywhere"

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i want to say more. but i cant get any words out.... so i will just say hi. becca.