Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new year, a new life... a new blog.

I have not blogged since April of last year... AMAZING! I find myself now more apt to twitter my experiences but, it is time to start blogging once again. I have been talking to my Bishop about this and he agrees, as well as my beautiful bride. I am going to write a book. I really dont know what yet. I have had a few titles run through my mind. One was "Every superhero has his kryptonite" ... but in all honesty I am even more of a different person than i was last April. As far as this blog... here is my question. What is a blog?

I mean think about it. Is it a space to journal? Is it something you try and make of interest so people will follow? Is it an opportinity to give opinion regarding politics? Current events? Spiritual matters? All I know, is it is going to be an opportunity for me to express where I am, what I am going through and what is going on in the Phipps world.

When I was in Arkansas and God was putting our family in an environment of healing and repair, my blog was a great way for me to compass my progress. My God. I need to tell you sometime about some of the things I have gone through. One of them was I was... well. I will save that for another blog. The mileage on our family has been great... but what we have become because of it? It is breath taking. So saying all that?

The blog is back on.



franwatley said...

'out time!!!! Go Bud~

franwatley said...

ABOUT TIME!!!! sorry~