Thursday, November 13, 2008

Account... ability

Wow... what an emotional week. Plus... April and I both have worked double shifts all week. Doing everything we can to prepare for Christmas =] Have you ever gotten so tired there is not a nap long enough to get rest?? Yeah. Well, no great revelation or wisdom to impart... just a truth. DO NOT EVER take for granted your friends. Not people who are connected to your experiences... your friends. 

Do you know the word friend is from the french word "Freund" which means to love freely? You ever talk to someone... out of obligation? You know... they are connected to someone you know who you REALLY care about? I say all this because of a scenario I am currently involved. 

I had someone reference the lack of accountability in friendships. Well, I have walked down a seriously learned path and something just hit me and I fired back.... I said "because no one understands what accountability is. The word "accountable" is related to "to give account". When you hire an accountant, you don't call them everyday and say...well, how am I doing?
No, your accountant calls you and holds you responsible to your actions. Instead of "being" an "accountability partner" and waiting for them to just call you and tell you the truth.. YOU CALL THEM! Keep them tallied to what they involved you with to begin with. You keep them to the line they asked you to keep them to. WE WONT! Why? It takes time and resource. 

When I was at my lowest I had friends that I could count... on one hand that held me to that. Sure, I got calls... hey man how you doin? The other calls... "You told me you wanted to be at such and such a place in your life...what are you doing to get there and where are you now?" Everyone else? Just patted me while I was down and let me know they were there for me... others? "Phipps... get off your a** and get up, stop whining and do it"

Trust me i understand. Those folks have to be invited in right? Well, no one gets invited without an introduction. You hire an accountant because you do not have the means due to your responsibilities or resources to do it on you own. My "friends"... when I didnt call them back? They called me back everyday until I called. It's not easy being a friend... but mine have shown me the cost compared to the reward.

Accountability... Friends... I will never take them for granted in my life. 

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