Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank you'z.

I just had to say thank you to everyone who called, emailed me, commented... anything. For real... I was blown away by all the messages for my Birthday. Yes... 37 is 3 years away from the big FOUR OH! I honestly don't care about getting older. I do however care about being the coolest old man I can. Black socks, plaid shorts, gilligan hat, velcro shoes, aqua velva smell, bowling shirt with my name on it, large hearing aide!! I am so down. I want to talk too loud in a quiet store. I want to pay for things in change, I want a handicap sign so I can park ANYWHERE! I wanna mow my yard at 7am, I want my dog emma to be fed by table scraps and gain 80 pounds and not move, I wanna check my mail 4 times a day, I want... I wan... I wa... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Huh? Wait. Where am I?

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1 comment:

Josh said...

You forgot to mention the Grecian Formula. . .