Monday, September 22, 2008

Keys to your Kingdom


There comes a time in ones life where you are faced with a serious decision. No, it's not just about paper or plastic... and what is up with them always asking that anyways? Who wants to carry a paper bag with no handles?? Well, there does come that time. You ever find yourself at a place where you have to go on a trip or leave for some reason and need someone to watch your house? While your gone? That's huge. That means they have 100% access to your stuff while your away. Like... the stuff in the top drawer or see the DVDs your probably dont want the church to know you own?

I guess my question... how do you go about choosing that person? What do they need to possess to even be a candidate for access into your (ahem) privacy? There comes that place where you have to evaluate it. Are they trustworthy? Will they spill the beans about you owning "Love Guru" on DVD? :) WIll they go through that top drawer or better yet, tell everyone what is actually in your fridge? It all boils down to this "trust". you have to initially trust them. Thats huge. We have all either had a trust broken or misused. So, do you never let anyone in your fridge again??

I have learned and have been the recipient of the following. The only way to repair a broken trust is to dare yourself to trust again. Sadly enough you will most likely get hurt again but not for long. Why? Because you learn through time who you can trust and who carries those traits. You know... it's hard. To write blogs. I read some blogs that cover topics or make an exhaustive attempt and building a sermonette, Nuggets of wisdom from a road traveled with a plea of "please comment". Me? I have poured my heart and brain on every blog (except for the stupid funny stuff and the political endorsement... just needed to make my decision known). For the most part I have been so vulnerable on my posts it almost scares me. But... that is why I stopped posting on myspace about my blog. If your reading this it is 1 of 2 things.

1) You... just like me, need a nugget every now and then to keep my hearts compass on track.


2) Feel connected to me in some way that you are either concerned about our family and this keeps you informed of our progress or just feel connected to the way I communicate.

Regardless!! It is an honor for me to have you present at my lifes curves and turns. I try to refrain from speaking on Aprils behalf because I love an respect her and she has her own voice.

Don't ever take for granted the people you trust. They are hard to come by. My actions did not and should not have affected a "trust" level for you... for my family, yes.. you? No. Why? The vow I made to you to always love you and be here for you still stands. If you are MC Alumni, I do apologize for the hell I put you through due to the impact you felt for the love of my family. I love you all so much and can only pray when you hear the words "Spiritual Father" it still applies. Heros may save the day, but there is always an arch rival that sometimes has just enough kryptonite to cause damage. Haven't posted in a while, and needed to spill. Just know I am here, and I am not going anywhere. Hold those you trust close, and be trustworthy. It's priceless.

To help you know when I post, you can choose to follow at the bottom or let me know... I can set up an automatic email post alert. Regardless, I will blog. Love you all and go cowboys :)


John Wirmel said...

Love you Greg and always will! Thanks for this blog! It means a lot to me to be able to stay connected to your lives in a sense. Keep these coming!

Caleb Baker said...

Man I miss you guys. It's good to know you all are doing well. Tell PA and CJ I said hey.

gamboa said...

I love you all and miss you more than you know. Take care of my friend for me. Its good to read the blogs they are my food for thought/devotional. You, April and CJ are in our prayers. I really mean it, when we pray together we always include the Phipps family.