Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Word

Words really can't describe what I have been through, what I have put my family through and how I have stretched my relationships to the breaking point. There is no reason for me to go into detail because detail is what is being taken in repairing my family and home. There comes a time in your life where nothing seems to take on what would be described as clarity. Even the word "Clear" is defined as "Easy to perceive, understand or interpret". Not even close to my life definition at that time. You can get yourself to the place where your and self get separated. Where the repairer needs repair and the doctor needs a doctor. Excuses lost there seat months ago. I am strong and understood and that is an unmeasurable place to be. 

I have and am using this blog to communicate to so many that have checked on April and I. We are good and strong. We have moved to Arkansas and doing incredible. I am going to note every step of our progress on this blog due to our understanding of the call of God on our lives and the road we are on and headed towards are huge. If your asking what you could do for us? Stay connected! The Phipps are not only good... but better than ever. I will post to this blog daily... (clearing my throat) ... try to daily ;)

"What you choose, determines how your chosen"... and btw... your still chosen.

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