Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ouch :/

Pray for us, I was at the station yesterday and my back bottomed out. I hope I didn't agitate my Herniated disk. I literally can't stand straight, I am having to hunch everywhere. I have 2 days to figure something out before I get back to work. As I type this I am on the heating pad. April has been fighting alergies like I have never seen before. Her eyes are swollen and she is really fighting it. We are hoping we don't have to move apartments and Chance has a fever and a cold. We are a mess. But, 3 steps forward, 1 step back is not that bad.


Crystal said...

Take care of that back!!! I know how you feel! Do I need to send some drugs? haha...hope you guys feel better! Praying for ya! Love you all!

franwatley said...

"Through It All"

Billy said...

Bummer!!! That SUCKS! Trust me brother. I just wrote a blog ( about my cortisone shot today. To quote the originator of cheesy Christian lyrics, Michael W. Smith, "Pray for me, and I'll... pray for you!"

Love you Bro!